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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
Photo Gallery: General Troop Meetings

General Scout Meetings

General Troop Meetings

Gallery: Feb Court of Honor
Perfect example of an older Scout helping newer Scouts! This is has the makings of an Eagle Scout! Scouts, don't ever pass up an opportunity to teach a new Scout something you know that he doesn't!
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Patrol members helping one another learn basic knots,
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Patrol members actively engaged in learning how to tie lashes for a flag pole,
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Scouts and physical fitness during a Scout Metting
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A Scout uses his resources! Logan does't miss a beat when it comes to helping younger Scouts
Logan with casts, John R.
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Tristan talking about a Scouting skill during a Troop meeting in 2011.


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Investiture - Nov 1, 2011
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2011 Court of Honor

Newer Scouts being recognized by SPL

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CPR Training
Justin getting hands-on practice
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Small group training
Mitchell talking to his small group about CPR
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CPR Training
Quartermaster Mitchell working with Colin
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