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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
Photo Gallery: Roy C. Manchester S.R. - Sept. 2012
Roy C. Manchester S.R. - Sept. 2012
The Troop at Roy C. Manchester S.R.
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Tiger patrol at RCM SR
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Tiger Patrol at RCM SR #2
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The PLC planning the year's events
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The men cleaning some more at RCM SR
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The men cleaning up from their own meal at RCM SR
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Tevon's first camping trip at RCM SR - Sept
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Scouts in meditation at RCM SR
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Scouts at vespers
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Noah reading some Bible verses at vespers
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Mr. Moore co-leading vespers
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Mr. Moore and Noah co-leading vespers
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Mr. Lawton and Collin
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Messrs Moore and Lawton
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Kentucky Lake at RCM SR
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