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Troop 48 - Germantown, Tennessee
Photo Gallery: Summer Adventure - N. Carolina - 2012 (Brian's)
Summer Adventure - N. Carolina - 2012 (Brian's)
Summer Adventure 2012 Crew
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What happens when there are no electronic devices allowed on a weekend
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Frisbee Golf - Brent
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Frisbee Golf - John L.
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Frisbee Golf - Mr. Moore taking aim. Mr. Lemoine taking cover.
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Frisbee Golf - Brent and Kyle D.
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Frisbee golf - John L.
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The Scouts' accommodations
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John L. and Brent learning how to use a mop and bucket.
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Rapids w/in J. Kilmer W.A.
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John L. in hollowed-out Tulip Poplar
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Mr. Moore crossing creek
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One of the dozens of wildflowers in J. Kilmer W.A.
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Snail in J. Kilmer W.A.
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John L. on memorial to Joyce Kilmer
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